Y.O.U.R. Therapy Clinic remains open so that we can continue to serve our patients who rely on us for their care.

We are currently NOT accepting new patients.

We are vigilantly monitoring the COVID-19 situation around the clock and have precautions in place to ensure a healthy visit to the clinic. The universal precautions are taken on a daily basis as a matter of standard protocol to ensure that the clinical environment is always safe for our patients, protecting against illnesses including COVID-19. In addition to our existing high standards of care, we are committed to taking additional steps to ensure safety in this clinic and to balance the needs of our patients, with extra measures being taken in our non-clinical areas: increased frequency of cleaning and disinfecting in our patient waiting areas and washrooms.

Please Note the Following Temporary Protocols:
In order to continue to provide the best in care during this difficult time, we require anyone entering our clinics to follow these temporary protocols.

If you are experiencing ANY of the following…

  • cough, or
  • fever, or
  • any respiratory symptoms, or
  • you have recently traveled (returning to Canada within the past 2 weeks), or
  • you have been in contact with someone who has recently traveled (and returned to Canada within the past 2 weeks), or
  • you have been in contact with someone with a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19 or undiagnosed respiratory symptoms,

…please do not enter the clinic at this time. Please call or email the office to reschedule your appointment.

If you are NOT experiencing any of the above and will be coming in for your scheduled appointment, please note the following:

  • Please wash your hands and/or use the provided hand sanitizer on your way into our clinic.
  • Only patients with appointments will be seen
  • Only one parent/guardian should accompany each child patient into the clinic. 

FaceTime Or Doxy.me appointments will be offered if you do not feel comfortable to come in

Safeguarding Our Clinics & Our Communities
In addition to our daily universal precautions taken in the clinical areas, prior to coming in to work each day, I am subject to the same self-assessment as noted above. I have not traveled outside of Canada and have not yet come into contact with an infected person, thereby guaranteeing that I am not a carrier of the COVID-19 virus.

Thank You

I appreciate your patience and ongoing support during this chaotic time.  Please remember to practice mindfulness and kindness throughout this time of crisis.

Amelia Holden, M.S.W., R.S.W.