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I have been exploring and researching the medicines provided by our Mother Earth since 2019 when looking for an alternative way to heal my own body after surgery, instead of using the pharmaceuticals that would be provided and could cause other side effects. Beginning with n=1 (myself) cannabis and psilocybin have been my two choices thus far to help both heal my body and my mind, and I strongly believe it will have an impactful and positive affect on those who seek to help themselves.

For the past five years I have read many research papers, watched documentaries, listened to podcasts, and completed several online courses for psychedelic assisted therapy. Most recently I have teamed up with TheraPsil, a non profit organization, who has developed a thorough training module to include the readings, videos, and books plus an in class week portion. With all of my due diligence it allows me to feel confident in both my knowledge and skill set to provide a safe set, setting and source for others.

I am including the most recent CTV London news clip and a podcast for you to enjoy and learn from. If you have any further questions please book an appointment with me and I would be open to sharing psycho-education about the medicines and their different uses.



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