Internal Family Systems and healing from COVID-19

Amelia Holden/ September 2, 2022/ Blog/ 0 comments

When using the lens of Internal Family Systems (IFS) to explain how “we” can heal from COVID-19 at a micro, mezzo, and macro level it is necessary to examine the many parts of the system that have been created to protect the Self. These parts of a person’s psyche have been created to protect the Self which at times can

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Checking in on “Self”

Amelia Holden/ January 25, 2020/ Blog/ 0 comments

When an individual is beginning therapy expectations may be explicit or implicit. Explicitly, the individual can write down or verbally share what their goals are for themselves and/or the therapist. Implicitly, the individual may display through their behaviours during the sessions or in narrating how they functioned during their time outside of therapy how they are coping, changing, and healing.

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Mandela Consciousness

Amelia Holden/ October 31, 2019/ Blog/ 0 comments

Your dignity is not something someone else can take from you, but we are vulnerable and our dignity can be wounded, bruised, negatively impacted and if you’re not aware of how to restore your dignity after a traumatic experience eventually we can lose sight of our self-worth and value. Dr. Donna Hicks ( speaks to “The Role of Dignity in

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