“Therapy is like shopping for shoes, you need to try different types on before you really find the right fit.” 
Amelia has been a Registered Social Worker for 20 years working with individuals, couples, and families who may have experienced intergenerational trauma, mental health diagnosis, or relationship ruptures causing stress and conflict within their daily lives.  Amelia offers a non judgmental, safe place to be open and honest about whatever has brought you through the door.  By structuring the therapy in a way goals can be accomplished collaboratively we will work towards a final session by building your own tool box of useful resources.
Acknowledging the courage it took for you to reach out to a stranger for help at the most vulnerable time in your life, Amelia will listen to your narrative and share any knowledge and skills which can help bring balance to your life.  Amelia believes it is important to validate the client’s perspective, allow them to grow from learning through making mistakes, and giving them the knowledge of how to accept the things they cannot change and to change the things they can control.
Amelia promotes self growth and development in her daily life by practicing mindfulness, attending professional development courses, and building collaborations with other practitioners in the community.

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