Y.O.U.R. Therapy Clinic wants to share with the community two additional therapists who have been added to the clinic, please welcome Roxanne McFadzean and Amaya Jimmy!

Roxanne is a registered social worker who has been providing counselling since 2007 upon graduating from University of Toronto. Roxanne started her career with St Joseph’s Hospital as a social worker on the ACT Team providing mental health services for individuals who had experienced severe and persistent situations causing deterioration in their every day living. Roxanne was also doing private practice with Forest City Counselling Services to reach a population which was not being serviced in the medical system. From her time in private practice Roxanne realized her passion for this therapeutic relationship was what really sparked her interest in continuing to find a place where she could offer her services within the community. Roxanne has training with trauma based modalities, working with individuals who struggle with body image and self-esteem, and provides guidance to parents who are stuck on how to approach their children and youth. Y.O.U.R. Therapy Clinic is excited to have Roxanne join the team and begin to provide her expertise to the London and surrounding communities!
If you wish to reach Roxanne please email her roxanne@yourtherapyclinic.ca

Amaya is a registered Social Worker committed to improving the well-being of individuals who experience depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, and a range challenges faced by children, adolescence, and young-adults. Amaya is fluent in both English and Malayalam thereby being able to connect with clients from a diverse background. Providing skills in mindfulness, emotion regulation, and stress management she is able to help bring balance back into their environments such as school and family. Amaya believes in the importance of designing a therapeutic approach that will empower the individual to gain the confidence necessary to effectively overcome the challenges they are dealing with and find a sense of peace and purpose. In addition to having her Master’s of Social Work, Amaya has also continued her professional development in attaining certificates in Community Mental Health and Addictions and Mental Health. Amaya believes in staying updated with recent research and therapeutic techniques to allow herself to provide the highest quality of care to her clients. Y.O.U.R. Therapy Clinic is excited to have Amaya join the team and service the community! If you wish to reach out to Amaya please contact her at amaya@yourtherapyclinic.ca