Y.O.U.R. Therapy Clinic wants to share with the community an additional therapist as been added to the clinic, please welcome Jenny Dixon!

Jenny is a registered social worker who has spent a decade of her career providing care and compassion to individuals and families who have experienced struggles and traumas in their daily lives requiring them to access support and resources within their community services. A few years ago Jenny pivoted into another area of her vocation by working in the medical system, on a multi-disciplinary team who support and work 1:1 with youth, adults, and seniors presenting concerns with their mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. Jenny is devoted to this population so she wanted to branch out into the community to provide her services to others who may need similar supports. Y.O.U.R. Therapy Clinic provides services from a biopsychosocial lens and Jenny’s philosophy of wellness shares the same view. I am thrilled to have Jenny join the team and bring her specialty and experience of using EMDR to the therapeutic space.

If you want to reach Jenny please email her jenny@yourthearpyclinic.ca